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We have a course to suit you if you want to improve your language skills to study or live overseas, for work or everyday situations, and to prepare for
the preparatory classes. We have divided English language course into two categories.
We have intensive English language course in different levels according to your ability. Each level has a specific target to improve your English Language eligibility. Our package will help you to develop your speaking , writing, reading and listening skills simultaneously with grammatical , pronunciation and vocabulary strength. We have designed six levels according to students’ capacity for their comfort. Our course will help you to improve your conversational skills and can activate your language skills in a variety of everyday and social situation.

General English:
 Our general English course will help you to improve your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills simultaneously with grammatical, pronunciation 
and vocabulary strength. No matter what your current level of English is, we have the perfect course for you.
Our package provides 6 intensive levels according to students' ability along with the variety of classes where students can have many opportunities
 and facilities to enhance language skills.

Special English:
 Special English Course is designed to those individusuals who require specific knowledge within a short time with full fledged support. This course also consists of Reading, Writting, Speaking & Listening modules. However, we provide prioritized courses depending on the students need.
Course duration: 30 hours (each level)
Class time: Sunday to Friday, 1 hour a day
Fees: NRs.4000/- each level
Course duration: 30 hours (each level)
Class time: Sunday to Friday, 1 hour a day
Fees: NRs.8000/- (for one person)
         NRs.12000/- (for two persons)
Ø  Free self study books and CDs.
Ø  Regular handouts on daily basis
Ø  Audio and video classes
Ø  Practical conversational class format
Ø  Smart and effective teaching method
Ø  Examinational at the end of each level
Ø  Variety of classes
Ø  Extra practice facility in lab
Ø  Free placement test

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