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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can apply for Abroad Study?
A. Those students who have the required qualifications with 50% Academic Scores in 10+2 / PCL Level.

Q. How can you apply?
A. You need to visit our office with all the original academic certificates and some additional certificates such as TOEFL, IELTS or Training certificates
Q.Why Study English with us?
>>     Modern course materials and equipment
We have carefully selected modern textbooks and course materials to meet your learning needs along with many valuable handouts. We provide
you audio and video equipment.

>>     Professionally trained teachers
Our teachers are professionally trained and have specialist qualifications in teaching English language according to international trend.

>>     Class size
Your class will have no more than 8 students. This allows you plenty of interaction, group discussion and individual care.

>>     Teaching method
We provide you with the best possible environment in which to improve your English communication. We make you feel improved and confident
 by our smart techniques.

>>     Assessment
We hold mid term and final term exams during each level that way you can evaluate yourselves. Exam is held in listening, speaking and writing.

>>     Study room/lab
You can study and practice as long as you want in your leisure time. We provide you required materials and equipment freely.

>>     Library
The Library has a wide range of resources, including books, tapes, videos, and CD-ROMs, to help you improve your English skills outside the

>>     Learning opportunity
We can help you to develop your academic skills through exams, courses, advice and information. We can also help you study abroad in your
desired subjects through    a variety of scholarships.

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